Orang Utan, your motherland must be in Mars!

Lately, Orang utan has been a hot issue here in Indonesia and also worldwide since some pictures of orang utan’s slaughtering were successfully taken. The pictures have been spreading so fast and hsve been taking public’s symphaty. But, do you really know Orang Utan? How and why do they get killed?

Well, let’s star elaborate every inch of Orang Utan and let’s start from “what is the meaning of Orang utan?”. Orang Utan is a unique animal that originally comes from Indonesia. Orang Utan can be found in Borneo and Sumatra Island. Name “orang utan” basically is taken from Indonesian Language, “Orang” means “person” and “Utan” means “Forest”, so we can say that orang utan is person-likely that lives in the forest. People here in Indonesia named “orang utan” because it’s believed that orang utan is closed-related to human beeing. Orang utan can only live in tropical forest, they can hardly live in other place.

Then, why did they get killed? The answer is because oil palm plant tycoons think that orang utans are pests for their oil palm tree. That’s why, killing orang utan is one of many ways to expand their bussiness. Poor Orang utan!!!

The more forest these tycoon take to expand their plant, the more Orang utan get killed. Then, when the forest in borneo and sumatra don’t have any space anymore for orang utan to survive their living, then near at hand we can only find orang utan in captivity or we’ll never see orang utan again but their stories. Maybe, these tycoon think that orang utan’s motherland is in Mars, that’s why these tycoo keep killing orang utan left in this earth.

Let’s be wise!! Life isn’t only about making maney, we have to be nice to nature.


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